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The nation's most reliable and fastest mobile broadband network

  • Work where and when you want, don't be chained to your desk.
  • Take your office with you, stop hunting for Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  • Connect to your office intranet, download files, and email.

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  • High-speed with download rates that average 3-6 Mbps with peak rates up to 10 Mbps in Mobile Broadband (4G) coverage areas and 600Kbps - 1.4Mbps with peak rates up to 3.1 Mbps in EVDO Rev. A areas.

  • Highest level of security which utilizes Sprint Power VisionSM Network, which continues to offer Industry leading security.

  • Nation-wide Coverage with mobile broadband coverage in over 9000 cities and 1,010 airports coast-to-coast. Covering over 269 million people.

  • Sprint Mobile Broadband 4G network is up to 10X faster than other carriers   3G networks. 

  • Sprint Mobile Broadband Network reaches more than 269 million people, 18,652 cities and 1,838 airports, twice the coverage of AT&T’s current 3G network and 14 times the coverage of T-Mobile’s current 3G network

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Sprint 3G/4G USB U301 (Sprint)

Sprint 3G/4G USB U301 (Sprint)

The Sprint 3G/4G USB U301 provides you notebook or desktop with access to Sprint's Mobile Broadband 3G and 4G Networks. This Easily Installed Device has both CDMA and WiMAX chipsets and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Features a Swiveling Antennae and GPS capabilities. Sprint 3G/4G USB U301 (Sprint) also includes:EV-DO and WiMAX speeds Swiveling Antennae GPS Capable Easy Install Included Accessories:Sprint USB Modem

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retail price: $319.99

Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot (Sprint)

Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot (Sprint)

The Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot available from Sprint allows both 3G and 4G throughput speeds to any Wi-Fi Enabled Device. This small compact and truly Wireless Solution for Wi-Fi Connectivity is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and requires no Software Installation. Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot (Sprint) also includes:Expandable microSD Slot - up to 16GB External LCD Secure Access Point Up to 5 Wi-Fi devices connected at once Built in GPS Reciever Included Accessories:Sprint Mobile Hotspot

<< FREE (no rebate needed)

retail price: $349.99

Sierra Wireless 598 USB Modem (Sprint)

Sierra Wireless 598 USB Modem (Sprint)

The Sierra Wireless 598U is an all in one connection device with a microSD slot capable of 32GB creating not only a wireless high-speed data access device but also a storage drive. It provides a wireless connection for your desktop and laptop. The 598U is designed to operate on CDMA supporting Sprint EV-DO Rev. A mobile broadband service. The Average download speeds are 600 Kbps-1.4 Mbps with peak speeds of 3.1 Mbps. Average upload speeds are 350-500 Kbps with peak speeds of 1.8 Mbps. Backwards compatible to CDMA EV-D0 Rev. 0 and 1xRTT in areas where Sprint EV-DO Rev. A coverage is not available. The 598U is also GPS Enabled and supports Sprint Location Services for Sprint Mobile Broadband users. You can use this to find nearby restaurants gas stations banks and mopre without entering their current location. With easy Sprint SmartView Installation there is no CD required to install the 598U on Windows or Mac operating systems. Sierra Wireless 598 USB Modem (Sprint) also includes:Download speed up to 3.1 Mbps Familiar USB connection Small durable fixed design microSD™ memory slot up to 32GB Compatible with Windows Vista and XP or Mac OS X or higher Sprint SmartViewSM software on the device TRU-Install automatic software installation Included Accessories:Laptop clip with USB connection cable Getting started guide Sprint SmartView software Pre-Loaded user guide

<< FREE (no rebate needed)

retail price: $259.99